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Tablet Repair & Services

computer pc desktop repair services in mumbai

Problem Tablet? We’ll solve it. We’re who you call when your Tablet runs slow and your Tablet stop working.Tablets offer much more flexibility and convenience to people than phones does. From watching movies, reading books, creating presentations for work, talking to clients on Skype while on the move to keeping themselves entertained with games and connecting with friends and families through social media, there is nothing that tablets cannot do. Thus, if your tablet is broken or is not working, you want it repaired quickly.

We cover the whole of city, and best of all we can fix most Tablet with a single visit. If your problem is software related, we may not even have to come to your home or business premises. Nine out of ten software issues can be fixed remotely. So if your hard drive’s making beeping sounds or your screen keeps freezing, let us know. Our professional, qualified computer technicians will get you working again today.

Screens and/or glasses replace

computer won't turn on?

The best way to repair your cracked screen without risking further damage to the phone is to bring it to a professional repair service. The trained technicians at Cell Phone Repair can fix your screen quickly and safely. If you visit a local CPR store, common repairs can be done on-site while you wait. If you don’t have the time to wait, or if we are a bit too far out of your way, just mail it in. We will fix your screen and mail it back promptly so that you can enjoy your phone.

way to fix a cracked screen is to replace it. Often a cracked screen doesn’t affect the mobile device’s ability to function right away, and owners simply learn to look past the distraction of the cracks. However, this can be dangerous, as the glass can nick or cut your skin. It can also cause more serious problems over time, such as dead spots, backlight malfunction, dark spots, and discoloration. Continued cell phone use with a cracked screen can eventually lead to complete loss of functionality.

Water damages

computer fan noisy repair and services in mumbai

water and Tablet are not the kind of winning couple deserving of a tabloid nickname. This is a big problem when, for example, one drops their expensive smartphone or tablet in the toilet.

You may say that you shouldn’t text while attending the porcelain throne, and you’d be right, but that’s not much help when a gadget is already doing its best submarine impression and trying to disappear down the u-bend. If this happens to you though, don’t panic; with some quck action it is possible to dry out a water damaged phone and get it working again.(By the way, while we’re referring mainly to tablet here these tips apply to any electronic device so will also help if it's your iPad that's gone for a swim. Though the more complex they are, the less likely it is they can be saved.)

We repair tablet power for business and home users. And our engineers can even come to your home or place of business to pick up your machine. You don’t have to do anything except make a phone call. If it’s urgent, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your tablet is back with you on the same day, fixed and ready to finish your project. Or keep the kids happy at teatime.

Battery replacement

We offer tablet battery repair on Samsung tablets, Asus tablets, Acer tablets, Apple iPads and other various tablet models. We carry many tablet batteries in stock for same day tablet repairs. xigox Repairs uses only high quality OEM tablet battery replacements when fixing the battery issues with your device.

You may need to replace your tablet battery if…

You charge your tablet to 100% and shortly after the battery dies.
The tablet battery is fluctuating battery percentages very quickly.
The back cover of your tablet is bulging due to the battery expanding.
The back cover of your tablet is bulging due to the battery expanding.
Your device will no longer turn on.
Your device only turns on when plugged in.

Viruses, slow software, data recovery and transfer, software updates

tablets repair services in mumbai

Need to transfer your pictures, music, video, documents or any other files to a new hard drive? We can do that. For any new operating system install this is required if you would like to keep your personal files. We also do data recovery for hard drives that are not working properly, or for computers that will not boot into windows (This can also be considered a transfer if the drive is still working properly).

Data backup with a clean install of your current system. Anti virus, malware, and spyware programs along with any other software that you want to transfer.

Bring in your computer if it has an unknown problem that is preventing it from working properly. If we can fix it, the cost of the diagnostic will be put towards any labor costs.

Charging ports

tablet slow fast call on 7499761196 in mumbai

Before opening the back of the device, obtain the right replacement charging port. Search for the port by the model name and number of the tablet. Ensure that the part number matches the one for the tablet in question before ordering replacement ports.

Replace the port in the exact reverse order that the old one was removed. Be sure to seat the port fully in the device and secure all attachments that were on the original charging port. Replace all of the screws and ensure that the back of the tablet is attached properly.

Spread a towel down to protect the tablet and to help keep parts from rolling around. Remove any screws from the back of the tablet and place them nearby. Remove the back of the tablet and look for the connection for the charging port. If necessary, use the plastic pry tool to help loosen the cover or the components blocking the charging port. Unscrew or unsnap the charging port, depending on how the manufacturer attached it.

Logic boards and internal components fix and replace

tablets repair services not working call on 7499761196 in mumbai

Most US-based cell phone repair shops do NOT fix damaged motherboards, because they have not invested in micro soldering technology. Micro soldering is not as popular in the US as it is in European countries. It won’t remain that way for long because there’s so much technology you can’t fix without micro soldering.

possible to replace the entire motherboard, but it’s a risky endeavor that isn’t necessarily guaranteed to work. In doing so you will lose access to all of your old data, downloads and files. Not to mention, it isn’t cheap. More commonly your phone just needs one or two of these small chips repaired, which is accomplished through micro soldering. Without the tools for this trade there is no other way to carefully access these parts in order to diagnose and fix the issue.

We Repair and Service all Tablets and I-Pad

Service Brands

We service all brands of Desktop and Laptop computers.

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